Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fuller Lips Naturally

You don't need expensive surgery to have full lips. Spending money on injections, just to have full lips. Follow these steps for beautiful luscious lips. 

Think your lips are too small or too thin? The key is to use lip liner and a high-shine gloss to make them appear fuller. Start with a pencil in a natural color. Using short strokes, line the edge of your lips. After you have outlined your mouth, follow up with a shiny gloss or sheer lipstick in a color close to your lip shade. Avoid dark lipsticks because they will only emphasize how small your lips are. A lip gloss or sheer lipstick will reflect the light and give the illusion of larger, fuller lips―dot some gloss in the center of your top lip.If you would like to make your full lips appear smaller, use matte lipstick. Gloss reflects light, making lips appear larger (see above), but a matte finish will de-emphasize fullness. Use subtle colors like soft pinks, nudes or peaches. It is never necessary to use a lip liner on full lips.

Exfoliate your lips every three days to get rid of dead skin cells and to make your lips smoother. You can use a lip scrub made of sugar honey and Vaseline.

Try applying a nude and non-drying cream concealer on the lips;
Using a lip liner, outline the perimeter of the lips (maximum 2 mm), to make them appear larger;
With a lip brush, color the lips between the lines with a nice pink shade. Make sure your lipstick and the lip liner are in the same color!
Finish with Younique's Lucrative Lip Gloss, like in the shades Lavish and Loveable and that's it!

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