Monday, January 24, 2011

Cold Feet Help!

Did you ever lay in your bed and wonder why your feet are Icy cold! Even with socks on they just seem so cold. I wanted to find out what was the cause of this, was it the cold weather or something else. I later found out that having cold feet can be caused by several things. Here are some causes.

Poor Circulation

So if your hands and feet are feeling a little colder then usual check your doctor or and nutritionist and find out what's the real cause.

Here are some tips and help for keeping your feet warm from what I researched.

Warm Food Eat warm food so that it makes it easier on your body and your body can digest quicker and use less energy therefore that energy can be used to warm up your body.

Exercise Keep that body moving for at least 15 min a day. You can join a gym or exercise from home.

Elevate Your Feet Keep your feet elevated this will help the blood flow also try to keep your feet from staying in one position.

Warm Soak You can Soak your feet in warm water for about 15 min to warm your feet it will relax you and also promotes circulation.

Yoga is great for your overall health and Mental well being so get out your yoga mats
and meditate!

Also some great herbs to keep you warm inside one of my favorite is Ginger, I love ginger tea it's spicy warm and it gets your blood moving. Drinking a nice cup of tea to ward off the chill, you can drink green tea, chamomile, mint etc...

Basically what it boils down to stay fit eat well keep your body moving and get regular check ups to monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol and overall health.



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