Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shea Butter Benefits

Shea Butter has many Benefits it's a great daily moisturizer for the face and body. It provides Vitamins A and E. Shea Butter can help relieve dry itchy skin. Here are some great uses for Shea Butter.

Dry Skin
Dry Scalp
Skin Cracking
Itchy skin
Softens The Feet
Stretch Mark Prevention During and After Pregnancy
Helps with Acne
Minor Burns
Evens the Skin Tone
Blemishes and wrinkles and much more.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stretch Marks From Hell

I hate stretchmarks ! With 2 children I was left with unsightly awful stretchmarks. I tried almost everything and nothing seemed to work. One day I discovered Shea Butter and started using it. Shea butter is a wonderful natural product made from the nut of the Karite tree which is only found in Africa. I use it daily on my skin and have noticed that the stretch marks aren't completely gone but fading and blending away. Shea butter has a nutty smoky smell to it but it's quite bearable considering the benefits.

Shea butter has the consistency of butter as soon as you rub it in your hands it melts right away. Shea butter has been know to help with many skin conditions it's a great moisturizer and sunscreen. It can be used during the summer or winter actually all year round. Before trying lazer treatments maybe give it a try first and see if the results are the same for you. Shea butter is not an overnight miracle but it does help diminish those ugly things.

Shea butter is sold all over the internet, I use the raw unrefined butter for my skin. I also prefer the yellow it seems softer and smoother then the tan colored shea butter.

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Vitamin E and the Skin

Role of Vitamin E on the skin

Vitamin E is another antioxidant that may have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. When applied topically, Vitamin E has been known to improve moisturization, softness and smoothness and also provide modest photoprotection.

There are various benefits of vitamin e which are related to skin care and body care. Today, in market there are poducts available which contain vitamin e as a main ingredient. Sources of vitamin e are almonds, kiwi fruits, and mangoes.

Vitamin E consists of a number of natural compounds, including alpha, beta, delta, and gamma tocopherol. vitamin E commonly called on supplement labels.

  • Protect your skin from ultraviolet light
  • Prevent cell damage from free radicals
  • Allow your cells to communicate effectively

Vital skin cells need to be protected by antioxidants. This is why the incorporation of antioxidants like vitamin E into skin care products is so important.

How does vitamin E placed on skin help vitamin E is heavy soluble, it is really the fatty solvent that is making the skin seem more supple and smooth and the scar appears to be less distinct.vitamin E put on the skin as ointment after skin surgery did not benefit the cosmetic outcome of scars.

sun protection and sun burn treatement

There are various creams and lotions in which vitamin E is the main ingredient. These lotions and creams are helpful in curing sunburns and provide protection from sun and ultraviolet light damage.

Vitamin E products for skin care

  • useful for stretch marks
  • help in reeducing age spots
  • act as a cleansing agent
  • it provides moisture to the skin by preventing water loss

Vitamin E for Acne

vitamin E results in dry skin, easy bruising, eczema, psoriasis, PMS, poor wound healing and hot flashes. This important vitamin for our immune process is fat soluble. It is required to have some amount of fat in our diet to help absorb vitamin E. Unfortunately, the fad of down weight has been making people cut fat from their diet drastically. Such people may get the desired figure, but the effects of loss of vitamin E are obvious from their dry skin and damaged hair.