Thursday, June 11, 2009

How Avocado Oil Benefits Your Skin

by Mandy Urban

Are you worried about the dark circles under your eyes, fine lines and eye wrinkles? The next great skin care ingredient formulated to help treat these issues is avocado oil. The extract from avocado's have proven to be very beneficial to skin cells.

It’s actually the certain sugars found in avocado's, for example D-manno-heptulose, that are solid boosters of collagen in the top layer of skin. Of course, this is where the discoloration is found in the skin. The avocado sugars are also found to produce an antimicrobial layer over the skin acting as a protectant against bacteria. Simply stated, it keeps the skin clean and healthy-looking.

It’s not best if you smear avocado's on your face but the good news is skin care products that include avocado oil are becoming more common. If you notice, a lot of products use avocado extract in conjunction with natural ingredients like primrose extract and Shea butter.

It was the ancient Mayans who first discovered the benefits of the avocado in relation to the skin. They used to mix avocado pulp with aloe to help them recover from injuries faster. Today, we’ve discovered just how avocado's work to help skin heal itself and prevent signs of aging.

For the rest of us trying to find the next breakthrough secret that will help us get rid of dark eye circles, eye wrinkles and eye puffiness, help is on the way. The avocado has proven to be one of the lesser known ingredients that is now included in common skin care products because of its healing ability.

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